Auquest Breast Hip Enhancement Cream

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Suitable for all women who dream of having a full Sexy body. This is product Contains active ingredients and natural ingredients that help to tighten and strengthen the breasts and buttocks, Few days after immediately tighten the tissues of the breasts and buttocks, help to resist gravity, provide elasticity and support, and make the skin firm and smooth.

When there is sudden weight loss, such as after pregnancy and breast-feeding, or during the natural aging process,

Breasts can start to lack the fullness they once had. This can be a big hit to your self-esteem. Even those in the bloom

Of youth may still desire a more contoured and defined bust
Step 1: Gently apply on the target area and massage upwards and outwards until completely absorbed.

Step 2: Twice a day, once after bathing, and once before going to bed for best results. Do not wash face cream after application.

For external use only, please keep this product in a cool place and away from children.

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